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Marking of the Days - Introduction

A brief explanation

The Marking of the Days is an ongoing work of fiction ().  It is based upon the animated series "Voltron", whose characters are the property of "WEP" with characters adapted from other works by the author.  All other characters created here are the property of Lotor.com. Kindly do not reprint or distribute without permission, please.

Artistic License

Hello, curious humans. The Marking of the Days is an accounting of a subject less often touched upon—The life and culture of our far reaching Empire in the Western Arm of the galaxy. It centers around the times of our King and Emperor whose life has been much followed by our peoples and many others over the years and begins with the death of his father, the former King and Emperor.  The tales contained herein are not intended for young humans as they often contain matters of war and other such rather mature themes. We hope that you will find the reading enjoyable and educational both.

Hanta Sansol
Royal Attendant & Advisor
Master Teacher - Ethics / Protocol / Language
Namida Academy, Satnatari Prefecture, Forth
#232 Office Complex Akol

Current chapters in order

  1. The day after - Brief Journal Entries
  2. The Miracle of Sleep
  3. Reawakening
  4. A few more days
  5. The call
  6. A good long talking to
  7. The games begin
  8. Imperial Treasure - Added 10/13/2002
  9. End of an era - Added 11/02/2002
  10. The last moments of Galrea - Added 4/8/2003
  11. Home again - Added 6/4/2003
  12. Aykovas - Added 7/14/2003
  13. Diya Kaitenshi - Added 10/18/2003
  14. Into the City - Added 1/17/2004
  15. Mycenea - Added 2/25/2004
  16. Linguistic Differences - Added 3/26/2004
  17. Memories - Added 4/10/2004
  18. Entertainment for a King - Added 6/28/2004
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